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EZIPOP® brochure holders and product dispensers are available
in many standard or custom sizes.


These versatile and affordable holders are produced in standard metric/imperial sizes such as A6, DL, A5 and A4, or they can be custom-sized for your specific needs. Product dispensers are custom-sized to suit your product and like our brochure holders, they’re economical, green and recyclable.

Minimize literature loss or damage and increase control over allocation and distribution of your valuable POS material. EZIPOPs eliminate display unit piracy due to all over custom graphics.

Never pay for your competitor’s brochure holder again and avoid the confusion of someone else’s brochure in your branded holder. Don’t put up with tired, scratched plastic brochure holders, tailor an EZIPOP to suit each promotion.

EZIPOPs can be supplied flattened, or pre-filled with brochures, ready to pop. When shipped or stored flat, they save on transport, warehousing, damage and the environment.

EZIPOPs can be printed in a variety of ways; 4 colour process, special colours, foils, embossing etc. Your unique graphics on an EZIPOP add to your POP appeal.

EZIPOPs are made of the best quality packaging cardboard and will not shatter or crack if accidentally dropped either in transit or when in use. The cardboard we use is made using pulp from certified forests, and is Elemental Chlorine Free.

EZIPOPs can be supplied with enhancements such as header cards, an outer sleeve, or a posting outer box as optional extras.

EZIPOPs are environmentally friendly, they save transport, storage and distribution costs due to their lower weight than plastic alternatives and they’re fully recyclable.

EZIPOPs minimize literature loss or damage and increase control over allocation and distribution of your valuable POS material. You can dispatch filled EZIPOPs to each location for simultaneous display of your marketing offer or promotion.

EZIPOPs can be manufactured to suit particular needs such as A5 or A4 brochures or for up to 4 DL brochures to be displayed in the one unit.

EZIPOPs are unique, that’s why they’re patented internationally.



What sizes do EZIPOPs come in?

We make Standard and Generic EZIPOP brochure holders to take standard DL size brochures and these are also suitable for many tri-folds that measure 4” across. The Standard depth is 30mm or 1-1/8” and we can also supply other sizes in our Extended range, to suit A5, A4 or multiple pocket requirements. Dispenser EZIPOPs are custom sized to suit the product and applications.

What are EZIPOPs made from?

EZIPOP brochure holders and product dispensers are usually made from a solid white packaging cardboard, that is produced from PEFC certified forests, is Elemental Chlorine Free, conforms to ISO 1400 EMS Certification, is printed using vegetable based inks and usually coated with a bio-degradable gloss UV protective coating. We have some other boards available, from an 85% recycled board with a white print surface, to a 100% recycled brown box board.

How strong are EZIPOPs?
Experience shows that compared to plastic or acrylic alternatives, EZIPOPs are stronger, because they won’t shatter or crack if dropped, they’re flexible enough to accommodate shipping and handling stresses and they’re lighter, so easier and less expensive to handle. Because they can be stored completely flat, they take up a lot less space too and so avoid handling and damage issues associated with large bulky packages.
 Shipping flat also saves considerable transport costs and the environment.

Can you supply EZIPOPs fully packed?
Yes we can and often do supply EZIPOP brochure holders and product dispensers fully packed with brochures, literature or product, then neatly packed into suitable shippers for secure shipment. We can also arrange shipping or posting of individual EZIPOP packs if required.

Can EZIPOPs be printed in special colours or effects?
Yes, although we normally use 4 process colours, we can use special PMS colours and metallics if desired. Blind embossing, spot UV varnishing and foiling are available for a special effect and added impact at Point Of Purchase.

Can you provide graphic design for EZIPOPs to suit our brochures or product?

Yes we can and often do provide the complete package, from graphic design through to delivery of the fully packed EZIPOPs. We can also provide full colour mock-ups to show you how your brochures or product will look in an EZIPOP.

How long does it take to produce EZIPOPs?
Timing depends on many things: Standard EZIPOPs take around 8 to 12 working days from final approved artwork, Extended and Dispenser EZIPOPs timing depends on the individual design or product and can be estimated once these facts are known.

What do EZIPOPs cost?
Cost depends on quantity, size and finishing but they are considerably less expensive than plastic or acrylic alternatives, especially when printing and distribution are taken into consideration. We quote every job, so think about how many you need or can comfortably use and ask us for a quote.

Is there a minimum run?
We can produce as few as 250 with full custom colour printing but due to printing setups, 250 EZIPOPs cost nearly as much in total as 500, so 500 becomes the minimum sensible quantity. Economies of scale mean that a 1000 quantity is a much better unit price than 500.

How do we order EZIPOPs?
We provide you with a formal quote and once you have accepted that, if you are providing your own artwork, we send you a template to work the art to. Once this is sent back to us, we check it, make a test mock-up, then if all is OK, we proceed to proof stage. When you have approved this, printing and production commences and your EZIPOPs are delivered to you about 10 working days later.

EZIPOP brochure holders, brochure stands and freestanding point of sale display products are very easy to use – they simply pop up when ready to display, adding considerable wow factor to any campaign with their high visual impact – and they’re environmentally friendly too, at the end of the campaign they’re fully and easily recyclable!